Please take the time to read the etiquette page below so that we can get right to enjoying our time together and avoid hiccups and wasted time.

Being from the south means that I have good manners, and I appreciate the same. Please be respectful in your communications with me, and I will always extend the same. 

*I assure you will be given careful privacy and discretion and ask the same of you.*


Preferred 411 and TNA members with recognized reviews will recieve expedited service

When you’re interested in booking time with me you can contact me for scheduling by text or email.  Those are my preferred methods of contact. You’ll need to be verified by your recognized reviews from a profile that you can pm from. Otherwise, I’ll need two provider references to verify you.  When initially contacting me, please provide me with the information I’ve requested. I appreciate upfront and polite communication and will make efforts to show that appreciation to you. It will help me verify you rapidly, and we will be able to meet sooner.



Now accepting new hobbyists selectively!! Please take the time to research and approach me with as much knowledge about your new hobby as you can. Manners are extremely appreciated and will go far. I’ll be asking you for alternative references. Our mutual safety and comfort is important, treat it as such.


When you arrive have your contribution ready in an unmarked sealed envelope and leave it in plain sight. Then please excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands and freshen up.


When I arrive at your location have your contribution ready in plain sight in an unmarked and sealed envelope. I will then excuse myself to wash my hands and freshen up, at that time please make your self as comfortable as you like.

When you arrive, please have your contribution for the session in an unmarked sealed envelope and place it in plain sight before our time begins. This is non-negotiable and best for us both.  If you do not follow this instruction, I will not provide service.


I’ll be pleasantly clean when it’s time for us to play. Please do the same for me. I’m sensitive to tobacco smoke, and prefer you don’t partake just before we meet, if you do please freshen your mouth and allow 30 minutes to air out.  If you need to freshen up at my incall I am always happy to offer that amenity, simply let me know. Also for the sake of my safety, please trim and file your nails to a short and comfortable length.

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